Corporate Sponsorship/Advertising

Permanently place your brand into thousands of homes in your community either through your own distribution, or by adopting schools in your area. Contact us at:  720-971-5679  –

Through corporate sponsorship and advertising we have already placed thousands of units of Let’s Go Outside into the homes of students in several elementary schools but we would like to see every elementary school child that needs this tool to have one.  

We accomplish this by giving companies greater value for their advertising and ‘connect with the community’ dollars than they are currently getting.

Internet ads, TV, promotional items, Radio and Newspapers dispose of your brand quickly after the ad is over, the newspaper is thrown away or the balloon pops.  Also, those options don’t add value to your brand.  They simply distribute your ad, after that you’re on your own.


    When sponsors allocate (or re-direct) advertising dollars to our company we deliver their brand directly into thousands of homes attached to a product that customers actually value, a product that they want to keep and use over and over again.  A product that is fun, good for the community and healthy for their children (which reflects positively on the sponsor).   And finally, a product that stays in customers homes for weeks, months and years to come so your advertising dollars continue to work long after you’ve spent them.


    We distribute oversized Album Download Cards with your information printed on them to schools in areas you choose. In order to download the album WEBSITE TRAFFIC IS FUNNELED TO YOUR SITE…and…EMAIL ADDRESSES CAN BE CAPTURED. Kids then download the music and play the “Lets Go Outside” game on the back so your print advertising stays around longer. Finally…a “thank you shout out” to your company or organization is recorded to the audio of the album so your sponsorship stays in that home permanently.


    Yes.  We’ve done prints with more than one sponsor so that the cost is split between companies but each company still gets their brand on the same amount of units.


    Just say yes.  We contact the schools and handle all of the graphics, manufacturing and distribution.  All you need to do is give us a call or email.


Listen to the Music!

Let’s Go Outside:
Gonna Ride (feat. Kory Brunson)
Forever (feat. Jason Wyatt)
Dance (feat. Kory Brunson)
Fort (feat. Jason Wyatt)
Holy Smokes Tube Ride (feat. Kory Brunson)
Hide and Seek (feat. Jason Wyatt)
Little Bit of My Time (feat. Kory Brunson)
Get Wet (feat. Jason Wyatt)
Play with My Friends (feat. Jason Wyatt)
Never Stop Dreaming (feat. Kory Brunson)