Both parents and schools struggle to keep children physically active as well as maintain a healthy/balanced approach to technology and video games.  Kids today don’t play with sticks or spend all day in the yard the way we did.  Instead they spend hours staring at glowing rectangles and fostering better relationships with electronic devices than with other children or their family.  

This is a relatively new phenomenon brought on by the influx of technology.  Parents, doctors and principals all agree it’s causing major health and developmental problems in children.  Something needs to be done to reset the scales.  

But kids aren’t inspired by lectures or harsh rules and frankly, parents and schools are already exhausted just getting through each day.  They don’t have the energy for one more fight over the computer or video games.


“Lets Go Outside” by the Crash Dadeez is an innovative educational tool that combats screen addiction in children by using the power of music to first capture kids attention and then train them to want to put down the glowing screens…and go outside and play.

Each album contains 11 original songs written specifically for this purpose and recorded by Nashville’s top musicians (so that Mom & Dad can burn the purple dinosaur CDs and finally enjoy listening to music with their kids).

Children always emulate and re-enact what they are exposed to.  So when kids memorize songs like “Building My Fort”, “Dance” or “G-E-T! W-E-T!” their natural response is to put down the iPad and start building forts, have a living room dance party or play in the sprinkler.  By just pushing play, the music does the heavy lifting and children automatically begin living healthier lives.  LET’S GO OUTSIDE!

Meet the Crash Dadeez

Kory Brunson


Jason Wyatt


Kory Brunson and Jason Wyatt are two ‘rock star dads’ that met on tour. They are both Billboard charting songwriters and lead vocalists that have performed for millions of fans in arenas and stadiums around the world.

After talking about the issues of childhood screen addiction in society (and all of the arguments over video games in their own homes), Kory and Jason decided to join forces and launch the Crash Dadeez as a way to inspire kids and address children’s health issues.

When they are not promoting the Crash Dadeez Kory is an avid motorcycle adventure rider (search “Long Way Down”) and Jason enjoys flying airplanes.

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